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Welcome to "Feather on the Moon," the community created for fans of the relationship between Sesshoumaru, the cold demon lord, and Kagura, the wind demon who longs for freedom, from the animanga InuYasha.

Community Info
This community welcomes the posting and discussion of all things related to Sesshoumaru and Kagura's relationship, as well as aspects of the characters themselves.

Such topics include:

1. Discussion of Sesshoumaru and Kagura as well as their relationship, of course. This includes events from the anime and manga, whether they be past, present, or theories for the future.

2. Posting and recommending of fanworks, your own or ones you've come across (as long as credit is given). Whether it's fanart, fanfiction, livejournal icons, or any other media relating to the Sesshoumaru/Kagura pairing, you're encouraged to post it here. (Please use an LJ-cut if it is a larger image.)

3. This is a community for fans of both the InuYasha manga as well as the InuYasha anime. As such, both forms are equally open to discussion. Please respect that.

What is NOT allowed in this community, as well as some other notes:

1. Character bashing- put simply. If I see any you will be banned.

2. Spamming- If you have something to post, do not do it four different times.

3. Non-traditional discussions- This is a Sesshoumaru/Kagura community, and as such we do not feel there is any benefit in discussion of other pairings involving those two characters. As well, it could cause possible conflict. So in the case of Sesshoumaru/Kagura, this is not a suggestion, but a rule. Keep it trad!

4. Spoilers are to always be placed behind an LJ-cut!

5. In order to make this all user-friendly, please take the time to spell-check your entries, and don't make immature posts on issues that have already been brought up or are just "I LOVE THIS PAIRING KTHNX BYE."

Thank you so much, and please have fun here!



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